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Are your clients short on cash and considering releasing home equity to generate a steady source of income? Are you confused about equity release schemes and which would suit your cleints best? Are you undecided on which equity release company to refer? You don’t need to worry anymore! We, at Managers Advisors on Property in Pembrokeshire, can answer all your questions and put in all the hard work on your account to see how much your client can get through equity release, which equity release scheme will bear the best fruits and which company should you place your trust in! We will do the research and you will get the reward!  

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Totally FREE- No Commitment Consultation

We offer non-obligatory house consultations free of cost so that you don’t have to pay a dime in case you decide against home equity release. All you need to do is to contact us, let us know of your property and your address and bear with us. It’s that simple and that easy!


Independent Market Research and Comparison

While chalking out your home equity release plan, we would present you with our independent market research as well as a comparison between different equity release companies so that you can see for yourself which equity release scheme, which company and which plan would bring you the best results!

FCA Authorized and Regulated

We have the mark of approval from Financial Conduct Authority as far as equity release consultation and advice is concerned. When UK’s top financial watchdog trusts in us, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same!


Access to the Best Deals

We know everyone in the business in equity release and can get you access to the best deals through our contacts. Whether you want a large lump sum amount or want a high monthly income, we can point out the best value for money equity release offers that suit your requirements! 

Equity Release - What You Should Know

If you are over 55 and are the proud owner of a well-valued property then you can truly find gold with equity release schemes. There are various equity release schemes with two major ones being: home reversion schemes and life mortgage schemes.

Home Reversion Scheme

In a home reversion scheme, you agree to sell a certain percentage of your house to a home reversion company after your death or after you decide to move out in return for a monthly income or a lump sum amount while staying in your house.


Lifetime mortgage Scheme

In lifetime mortgage scheme, you can get a loan in the form of monthly payouts or a lump sum or both with the company taking back the loan plus the interest from the proceeds of the sale of the house after your death.  


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With so many equity release schemes available and with so many complications present in using such schemes, your brain can get zapped in all honesty. So, why go through all the tension and hard work when you know you can get sound and better advice from the most experienced equity release advisors in town? Contact us now to get the best advice!

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Happy Clients

This company does such a great job of finding and offering to us the best equity release deals which we can then offer to our clients. It is a pleasure working with them.
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